A term used by New Yorkers to claim their own space, a local hang out or neighborhood.
This bar is my yard.
by ThisIsMyYard February 18, 2010
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Hi, Rob? Are you reaching today? Reach to my yard
by The Hack April 23, 2003
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This is your town, big or small. You have a rep to maintain. You gotta hold your head high around your stomping grounds. If your gonna act slutty or a fool... you take it else where! Don't shit in your own front yard, people will see you. Go across town, and shit in someone else's yard :)
Friend: "Why don't you just go home with him?" You: "I don't like to shit in my own front yard, if you know what I mean."
by Liz Gee May 31, 2012
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A phrase or statement that ladies say when they just got the D.
Usually used as a creative way to hide from the public she just got the D.
"Girl after I left the club last night,
Derrick came over and mowed my yard good honey."
by Homeboy12 June 30, 2014
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This is the perfect term to describe all of the so called ultra liberal folks that secretly coin the phrase "I love every race of people as long as they do not enter my wealthy suburban neighborhood". These same closet hypocrites spout super liberal bleeding heart jargon non-stop on Facebook in order to get there daily self-esteem boosting "pat on the back" . They have also convinced everyone that they associate with that they are the most accepting loving person on the face of the planet. But in reality if anyone of another race besides other white collar preppies step foot in their neighborhood they will instantly call the cops
"Hi my name is Karen. My son's names are Zach and Todd. We love everyone including criminals. Only one rule though. Not in my back yard!"
by Sledge June 27, 2021
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When in traffic, getting behind someone who isn't going when the light turns green; Get going; you're in my way; you're going too slow.
by Jeepsforever August 5, 2017
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