A term used by New Yorkers to claim their own space, a local hang out or neighborhood.
This bar is my yard.
by ThisIsMyYard February 19, 2010
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illegals in my yard
illegals in my yard
throw them some pesos and they work so hard
foo: "yo what u listenen to"
bar: "illegals in my yard"
foo: "what the fuck"
by sorza9 July 28, 2023
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Hi, Rob? Are you reaching today? Reach to my yard
by The Hack April 23, 2003
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This is your town, big or small. You have a rep to maintain. You gotta hold your head high around your stomping grounds. If your gonna act slutty or a fool... you take it else where! Don't shit in your own front yard, people will see you. Go across town, and shit in someone else's yard :)
Friend: "Why don't you just go home with him?" You: "I don't like to shit in my own front yard, if you know what I mean."
by Liz Gee May 31, 2012
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A phrase or statement that ladies say when they just got the D.
Usually used as a creative way to hide from the public she just got the D.
"Girl after I left the club last night,
Derrick came over and mowed my yard good honey."
by Homeboy12 July 1, 2014
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When in traffic, getting behind someone who isn't going when the light turns green; Get going; you're in my way; you're going too slow.
by Jeepsforever August 6, 2017
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