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Where all Fordson kids go to smoke and have sex . Parents don’t care. Normal in the fordson fuckboy era

The best place to get lit there was the train tracks but since the police started doing patrols there the teens found other places to smoke weed .

Little kids go to the hill and act like there cool.
I remember there was a Gang fight there a couple years back over some weed.
The most ghetto part of Dearborn
Ali:Bro wallah your hair is messed up!
Moe: I was fucking your mom and she cut it cuz!
Ali: Bro meet me at hemlock park and I’ll beat your ass so hard your mom will suck my dick to save you
by Fordson BMW July 18, 2018
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A High school in Dearborn. The best football team in the city. They beat Dearborn High every year and those pussys get butt hurt and try talking shit about fordson. the other high school isn’t even worth naming because of how bad they are. the school is pretty run down the bathrooms have no doors and they never get cleaned. kids smoke in the bathrooms and the locker rooms and the teachers don’t really care about it. you can find some gems in the school but it mostly sucks. the parking lot is a car show with all the new leases, since none of the students can afford a car they get there baba to get them a lease
(idiot) What school do you go to?
(smart person) Fordson bro

(idiot) Dearborn is better

(SP) your an idiot
by Fordson BMW October 27, 2019
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