hard wood means to have a boner. hard meaning well hard and wood meaning penis. there u have it hard wood
dude1: damnit dude ive got got hardwood looking at her.
dude 2: what??
dude:1 a boner dumb shit
by $$$$$$@@@@^^^^^^ April 4, 2007
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A guy who is always ready for a casual sexual encounter; male equivalent of a jump off.
"I booty called John at 3pm on a Tuesday, of course that hardwood said yes!"
by KrisRach May 4, 2012
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Girl: I just bought some hardwood lumber to build my house.
Guy:I'll build your house.
Girl: my building code requires hardwood:
Guy: I got you covered.
by sir constipator September 8, 2017
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When a woman who has totally removed all her pubic hair. No more "carpet", so it must be hardwood floors.
I hate it when chicks have a big bush, I prefer either a landing strip or hardwood floors. Either way, she has to shave the thing.
by Anonymous December 20, 2002
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