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A true friend. The best boyfriend you will ever get. Extremely nice yet sometimes a douche. Very caring and sweet, not to forget handsome and tall. He is a very good hugger and is pretty good at fucking. Doesn't really like horror (more like Hates it) and is a sporty lad. Will most of the times be there for you even if you're not there for him. He likes the good stuff kinda music and isn't very artistic. He's rather sweet though. He's a very awesome dude.
Person 1: "Omg did you see that guy?"
Person 2: "Yes, that's Jan, he's awesome"
Person 1: "Duhh"
by LizzyLovesYou April 27, 2014
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Someone with and incredibly enormous penis. This person is usually good at most things and is smart. He is totally rad when it comes to chicks.
Did you see that jan making out with her, she's so lucky.
by FuzzGiRl November 06, 2008
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1. A short term for January
2. A unisex name
Usually, a wise person, although sometimes oblivious to things. Very sweet and caring, a loyal friend.
(Sometimes given to a child by not very creative parents because the child was born in January)
by are you dum September 17, 2016
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1. A unisex name.
2. Abbreviation for January

Jan is a name given to both genders (Leans more towards females than males), Jan is a wise and humble person, they'll always listen to what you have to say and will generally be there for you when you need them even if you don't do the same.
1. Person1: Hey, have you guys met Jan?
Person2: Yeah, she's cool.

2. Person1: I really wish Jan was my boyfriend.
Person2: Same, heard he's a great guy.
by ZuskatoIsR3D August 20, 2019
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1.To take food, clothes, electronics,virgninty Etc from a store/person and succesfully not getting caught in a stealth like manner.

2. Jans- Jacking all nicca swag.
1. Me and my crew just Jansd 100$ worth of stuff !

2. Imma Jans my friend some swag for his birthday.

3. Ricco- Yo where should i hide the earphones that I Jansd? The applle security is comming!

DR- Put it in my Jansport Bag and dip!

4. I just had to Jans your sisters cherry in bed last night.
by OGJANS August 10, 2010
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