A very attractive guy with an extremely high sexual appetite. A real tiger in the bedroom. Bit sweaty, though.

A Jan is also a true friend who is not afraid to show his emotions, good or bad. Someone you can talk to for hours. He always wants to do the right thing for everyone. Most of the time he underestimates himself, because he is far better than he thinks.
- OMG! Is she really dating him? Everyone must be so jealous, because he's a real Jan!

- I know!
by Srilankasloerie August 3, 2018
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He smells like a Jan
by JanBrugg December 24, 2019
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A guy everyone wants to be! People named “Jan” are cool, gangster, and fortnite Professionals. They also always have a cousin named “ Henkie
Wow have you seen that new Jan in our class? Yes I have heard he is the most Jan ever!
by CooleManJan March 27, 2022
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1. A short term for January
2. A unisex name
Usually, a wise person, although sometimes oblivious to things. Very sweet and caring, a loyal friend.
(Sometimes given to a child by not very creative parents because the child was born in January)
by are you dum September 17, 2016
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Top fragger with jett on valorant, usually carries Diegogs on omen that go 0-16 on bind and also Zides that go afk on icebox
by sgosrngjyid October 12, 2021
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Usually a super smart person.
Literally "wise one".
Jan is usually a female name, but can occasionally be applied to males.
by Overland Park December 10, 2013
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A beautiful woman that is kind, considerate, caring, loving, and above all - awesome
No, not Janice or Janet, just Jan
by StarDragon February 3, 2010
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