He smells like a Jan
by JanBrugg December 24, 2019
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Jan is an amazing friend who will never let you down, she is a bit shy, but when you get to know her, she is so sweet, kind, crazy and cares about her friends.

She is really really smart and knows everything about maths!!
She is always kind, and looks out for you, always an amazing friend to talk to and will understand and won't be judging. Jan is also funny and amazing at making her friends happy, and is honestly such an amazing friend <3
Person 1) Who was that girl over there? She was so cool..
Person 2) She's gotta be a JAN!
by BestieStar July 8, 2022
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1. A short term for January
2. A unisex name
Usually, a wise person, although sometimes oblivious to things. Very sweet and caring, a loyal friend.
(Sometimes given to a child by not very creative parents because the child was born in January)
by are you dum September 17, 2016
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A guy everyone wants to be! People named “Jan” are cool, gangster, and fortnite Professionals. They also always have a cousin named “ Henkie
Wow have you seen that new Jan in our class? Yes I have heard he is the most Jan ever!
by CooleManJan March 27, 2022
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Top fragger with jett on valorant, usually carries Diegogs on omen that go 0-16 on bind and also Zides that go afk on icebox
by sgosrngjyid October 12, 2021
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Just your average middle name for a little polish boy who likes computers. Struggles with uno and claims he’s “never lost”. Medics say his stubbornness is due to the fact that he’s your typical Tauras. :)
Jan enjoys the simple pleasures in life like running from spiders
by Study skillz 4 lif3 December 28, 2021
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Usually a super smart person.
Literally "wise one".
Jan is usually a female name, but can occasionally be applied to males.
by Overland Park December 10, 2013
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