Word frequently uttered by my dog, usually when I'm around. It has a number of meanings:

1) Please refrain from engaging towards me in the course of action in which you are currently engaged;

2) Be informed that your current activity is considered a Biteable Offence in the laws of Dogdom, and/or by the statutory authority of myself;

3) I hereby assert my proprietary right over this food/bone/toy/piece of fox-shit, and declare my intent to defend this right against all persons subsequently wishing to take possession of it;

4) I do not wish to perform the action which you have requested of me. Please refrain from making any further requests of this kind at the present time;

5) I believe that my territorial rights may have been violated by another being of some description, including but not limited to: dog, cat, frog, bird, postman, traffic cone and fallen tree, and I wish to investigate the suspected violation forthwith;

6) You are a fucking cunt and I'm going to fucking bite you.



"(inhale) rrrrr-rrrrr-rrrrrrrr-rrrrrrr"


"serves you right for fucking with me, you fucking over-evolved monkey"
by Andy April 26, 2004
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grrrr means I am so pissed off with you.
Noob1: You are such an idiot
Noob2: Grrrrrr
by Lucy March 23, 2004
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wanting to get agressively fucked by a space battleship yamato class ship
person 1: "grrrr"
Federal ship Karyu: alright bend down
by Phil Mahar July 19, 2022
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GRRR is something that has been said many times by the one the only weirdo aoi from the tbhk server
I hate you blyxii GRRRR”
by Unknown 😮‍💨 July 6, 2021
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I want to violently masturbate to a picture of you

(Extra r's mean extra violence)
by CC Creators January 31, 2023
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Something you say when you are vety angry or distressed.
"Your such a cow. Grrrr!"
by rudeasscarlos December 27, 2016
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