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Lucy is the Kindness person u ever met, with her sky blue eye. She will be shy at first but after you let her in she be amazing and crazy person you ever let into your life. She will always be they for you no matter what, your be probly be friends for life. Lucy will tell a lot of her ups and downs mean how much she let u in. But mean she can trust the person she talking to. If you break that trust you lost a great friend to have, so never try to let her go.
"Look at her eyes they well Sky blue, she must be a Lucy"
"Lucy is amazing and crazy person you ever met"
"Lucy will never let you down"
"Never let her go, she a amazing friend to have
by Lucy April 17, 2015
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Stuart the manchild !!!!! a guy whos like 6'3" that sounds like a 6 year old. that kid on madtv is some funny shit
"when im nervous i usually just pee"
by Lucy October 22, 2004
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The most <u>orgasmic</u> Hendrix song ever written.
ooooh! its on!!!!!! time for some lovin
by Lucy October 24, 2004
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7th and 8th grade. Fucking shitpile run by crackwhore teachers.
Look at all those middle school boys. They need to get laid.
by Lucy October 04, 2004
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A typical Welsh word used to describe an ugly person. Usually the alternative to "hangin'" or "cowface".
by Lucy July 10, 2004
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Used before anything, has a little humming sound leading into it. Also, you have to say it a little bit of a cocky and stuffy british accent.
"Mmbasically, you're a fucking idiot."

"Mmbasically, I'm going to go watch reruns of King of the Hill."
by Lucy March 11, 2005
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