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a moob is a man boob
Oh my god evans moob just smacked that kid in the face!!!!!!
by Lucy October 25, 2004
Pretty much any town that begins with a "P." Where I'm from, it's either Pennington, NJ, or Princeton, NJ.
by Lucy February 28, 2005
Comes from a girl (me) who got tired of saying 'special' and spelling it. So instead was inspired to make it speshmal.
Lucy: "I'm very speshmal."
by Lucy April 13, 2005

Lucy is the Kindness person u ever met, with her sky blue eye. She will be shy at first but after you let her in she be amazing and crazy person you ever let into your life. She will always be they for you no matter what, your be probly be friends for life. Lucy will tell a lot of her ups and downs mean how much she let u in. But mean she can trust the person she talking to. If you break that trust you lost a great friend to have, so never try to let her go.
"Look at her eyes they well Sky blue, she must be a Lucy"
"Lucy is amazing and crazy person you ever met"
"Lucy will never let you down"
"Never let her go, she a amazing friend to have
by Lucy April 17, 2015
THE BEST THING about 1993 and one of the best sitcoms EVAR
I watced Boy Meets World religiously when I was in middle school.
by Lucy April 21, 2005
someone who is allergic to her pants ((sophia))
sophia is allergic to her pants she had to go to the e.r. last night
by Lucy March 10, 2005
1. One who looks like a cross between Big Bird, Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons, and a toucan.
2. See: attention-whore, one who has done nothing to get where she is, no talent, racist, stupid, spoiled.
3. Shallow people believe that those who see her for what she is - a stupid, untalented, skanky, uninteresting, ugly waste of space are fat and ugly and poor.
Nikki Ann: OMG Paris Hilton is so kewl! If u hate her ure fat and ugly and poor and jellous!
Me: I'm actually quite skinny, good-looking, and not jealous and not poor.
by Lucy February 24, 2005