66 definitions by Lucy

1. One who looks like a cross between Big Bird, Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons, and a toucan.
2. See: attention-whore, one who has done nothing to get where she is, no talent, racist, stupid, spoiled.
3. Shallow people believe that those who see her for what she is - a stupid, untalented, skanky, uninteresting, ugly waste of space are fat and ugly and poor.
Nikki Ann: OMG Paris Hilton is so kewl! If u hate her ure fat and ugly and poor and jellous!
Me: I'm actually quite skinny, good-looking, and not jealous and not poor.
by Lucy February 24, 2005
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7th and 8th grade. Fucking shitpile run by crackwhore teachers.
Look at all those middle school boys. They need to get laid.
by Lucy October 4, 2004
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Comes from a girl (me) who got tired of saying 'special' and spelling it. So instead was inspired to make it speshmal.
Lucy: "I'm very speshmal."
by Lucy April 13, 2005
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someone who is allergic to her pants ((sophia))
sophia is allergic to her pants she had to go to the e.r. last night
by Lucy March 10, 2005
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its a person who smokes;weed(especially),etc.They smoke alot alot alot.
O ...yea him, he's a burn out
i hear he is a burn out
O ...there goes burn out(nick name)
by Lucy December 1, 2004
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grrrr means I am so pissed off with you.
Noob1: You are such an idiot
Noob2: Grrrrrr
by Lucy March 23, 2004
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1. A columnist for the Onion, known for his overly detailed paragraphs with a non-detailed sentence as an afterthought while describing dates.
2. A guy who is overly fawning, and usually wants to get into your pants and then find another girl.
1. Smoove B is funny.
2. While Norberto may not have been a Smoove B like his friend Omarion, at least he had a steady girlfriend.
by Lucy March 15, 2005
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