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After someone has made a claim, the second second speaker uses this phrase to express agreement, excitement, and possibly even non-chalance. Many linguists have placed the origins of this phrase near Pawtucket, RI.
Bro 1: Yo dawg, I hear there is a party at the local discotech. We should totally hit that thing up and scout for some females...

Bro 2: Yeah man. You right, you right.

Hot Girl: I really like the movie The Notebook. Such a good movie right?

Bro 2: Yeah man. You right, you right.

Ben Afflack: My boy's wicked smart!

Bro 2: Yeah man. You right, you right.
by theJeese April 06, 2011
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backup phrase used to ensure the validity of someones statement
Girl: I look bomb wit these new blue contacts.
Boy: You right, but you doin too much!
by liljesus May 26, 2008
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A term inferring that a person is correct in a matter of your opinion. Referring to the term "you are right" or "you are correct".
Bubba: Hey boys ya'll wanna go fishin today at Ellie Mae's pond
Boys: You right!
by John Wackets March 26, 2004
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