a company known for queerbaiting their fans and using false advertising strategies to reach out to LGBT+ fans.
Most commonly used when describing a couple from The Pitch Perfect Franchise
1: hey, did you see what universal done to bechloe?

2: yeah! That’s totally queerbaiting the kiss should be released
by BeccasGAY September 8, 2018
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The OGs of American Film, the ones to release such great names like Dracula, Psycho, Intimidation of Life, Jaws, Jurassic Park, The Incredible Hulk, The Invisible Man, Freaky, The 355 and so much more, originally lead by Carl Laemmle, colead by Mark Dintenfass, along Pat Powers, David Horsley, William Swanson, Adam Kessler, Jules Brulatour, Charles Bauman and Robert H Cochrane.

The Father Carl had to sell the company during the Great Depression, but it is still being guided in good hands.
Universal is the OG of film in America. And now they have made such a big name for themselves. Even though Father Carl sold it during the Great Depression, it has been running so long, making so many great films. And yeah, Illumination is bad, I'm aware, but there is more to Universal than that, and they still release great original films to this day. Not only the Original Gangster, But In My Heart, They Are ONLY GANGSTERS, TRUE TO THE WORD!
by The DylINator October 26, 2020
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possibly the BIGGEST mistake ever made period!
Hitchhiker's Guide: In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.
by Panthean April 23, 2008
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Once a mechanism whereby smart people could raise themselves above humble beginnings and obtain a worthwhile qualification indicating a high probability of being employable. Now a complete con to get kids with high hopes into insurmountable amounts of debt before they even think about buying a house.. then they discover that the job they trained for was entirely fictitious, and they'll have to take any job they can get. At this point, they realise they should have gone into benefit fraud and drug dealing like all their "stupid" friends, who now have houses, cars and big screen TVs.
John always did well in his school classes, and did three A-Levels and got good grades. He went to uni for three years which put him about £30,000 in debt. When he finished his course he found that his degree counted for very little, since he had no experience and the other 400 job applicants also had degrees. He took a job as a sales rep with Coca-Cola, but got fired when he went to an interview for a better job. Meanwhile the cost of living rose exponentially, and by the age of 24, John's debts stood at around £45,000. This was before he even got a mortgage. A couple of years afterwards he divorced his wife on the grounds of infidelity, but she got custody of the kids, and now he doesn't even get to see them despite paying atrocious amounts of child support. Welcome to Blair's Britain.
by believe me it happens February 28, 2004
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A big booze off which leaves you in debt and almost jobless.
Hey mom I'm going to university
mom: Don't get too drunk sweetheart
by Rapidshark112 May 5, 2023
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All there is.

This is a flexable term, which once was used for what we now call the solar system. Later, it was used for what we call the Milky Way. Now it is used for the sum total of all the galaxies, of which appears to be about ten billion of them.
The more we learn, the larger our universe seems to get.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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basically very expensive day care for young adults
mum: have fun at university son,and don't forget your lunch
and i don't want you playing with that john kid he's a bad influence on you. son: yes mum, can i go round and play at sam's after my class's finish . mum: yes but be home in time for dinner.
by tempestdawn January 6, 2010
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