Someone who snitches on another person or group of people.
Yo, you fuck with Johnny?
Nah, that nigga's federal.
by seattleboxcar May 14, 2016
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When you say some savage shit to someone.
Man you is too federal for that shit 😂
by IssaSack September 01, 2019
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is an extension of the acronym fed that stands for Fully Erect Dong. A Synonym for an erection.
I saw Brooklyn Decker and I got a hella steely federal
by bbpcock March 08, 2010
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(adj.) Against the law.
Shiiiiiiiiit! I aint doing that! That shit is ferderal and I been on parole since '94, cause I commit the crime!
by Homes136 December 15, 2003
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not conforming to what is generally expected in society.
fool1: "yo man, what'd you do on friday night?"

fool2: "man, I ain't even trippin. I went out and got educated."

fool1: "dag homie, tha's federal!"
by narojoku March 20, 2006
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