the first sign of unity in japan (empire kingdom or confederacy)
i am studying the yamato
by Skimboarder July 29, 2009
The largest class of battleships ever produced. There were four ships in the class: Yamato (completed), Musashi (completed), Shinano (converted to aircraft carrier), and Kii (never completed). Many believe that the Yamato and Musashi were the last battleships to be in active duty. However, the United States had many more battleships in activity, from before the completion of the Yamato and to the end of World War II and later events, such as the Korean War. Japan's surrender documents were signed on the deck of an infamous United States battleship, the USS Missouri. The USS Missouri and her sister ships were in use by the United States Navy up to the Gulf War. The Yamato was not the last battleship to be in active duty.
The Yamato was a nightmare in the eyes of United States sailors in World War II, until their carrier aircraft sent the Yamato on it's one-way trip to the iron bottom.
by FUBAR Timber Nigger April 18, 2017
Punk'd. Taken for a ride. Reamed in the arse. Fooled. Betrayed. Deceived.
Looks at the broken shoulder of the VF0A, "Every get that feeling ya got yamatoed each time something like that happens?"
by beware of blast May 16, 2007
The I.J.N. Yamato was the worlds largest, heaviest, fastest battleship in the world, armed with 9 18" deck cannons, it weighed 75,000 tons, and had a top speed of 28knts. But it was sunk using airpower, and was the last battleship to see action.
The Yamato had suprem fire-power, but it was no match against American airpower.
by Minority July 26, 2006
"Yo man my yamato is huge!"

"Do you have a yamato?"

"Damn, my yamato is so huge even Yamato can't believe it!"

by YourYamato March 25, 2009
When you do or say something that most ordinary people would recognize as "Stupid".
Yamato: O (oh) as in Zero...K as in Cat.
Normal person: just pulled a Yamato...
by Master of the MOAB October 28, 2008