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Huge desert empire located in northern Magnamund, taking up most of the eastern coastal area between Sommerlund/Durenor and Dessi. Ruled by a sultan/king known as the Zakhan, the empire is held in a state of constant fear by his dreaded security forces, the Sharnazim. It has one of the most powerful armies in Magnamund, and sometimes fights alongside the Darklords, who enter into secret pacts with the Zakhan or use magic to influence him.

Featured in a number of Lone Wolf books, it is the main setting for Lone Wolf 5: Shadow on the Sand, and for two of the Legends of Lone Wolf books (numbers 7 and 8). In Shadow on the Sand, Lone Wolf is sent as an ambassador to the realm, but treachery is afoot and he is attacked on arrival. Forced to escape the dungeons of the zakhan, Lone Wolf eventually discovers that the Book of the Magnakai - a Kai treasure containing the secrets of the higher Kai disciplines - is hidden in Vassagonia. After finding the book, he must battle the new Darklord leader, Haakon, to claim it.

Other aspects of the story include the winged Itikar, giant birds used by the Vassagonian army, and the complex sewer system beneath Barrakeesh.

The somewhat one-sided portrayal of Vassagonia given in this book is offset in the Legends novels, when good Vassagonian characters are incorporated into the story, and the zakhan is overthrown (though not, presumably, for good, since he appears in Lone Wolf book 9 which is set later).

In Lone Wolf Book 9, the forces of Vassagonia, which are also attacking Cloeasia, Casiorn and other territories, converge with the Darklord forces in besieging the city of Tahou in the realm of Anari. Lone Wolf must defeat the Zakhan Kimah in one-to-one combat at the end of the book.

The capital of Vassagonia is Barrakeesh. Other notable features include the Dry Main, a virtually impassable desert inhabited by nomad traders.

The culture and imagery of the Vassagonian Empire seems to be based loosely on the Arab world in the Middle Ages, although the centralised sultanate is more reminiscent of empires from a later period.
Lone Wolf's arrival in Vassagonia was marred when he was attacked on arrival by the Sharnazim.

The army of Vassagonia is feared across Magnamund because of its Sharnazim shock-troops and the airborne Itikar riders.
by Andy April 23, 2004
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a Rajshaspoon is a puff type not necessarily gay
Liam's such a Rajshaspoon he got kept on a bus by a girl for 3 stops what a fool
by Andy February 28, 2005
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large orcs with darker than usual skin and a stronger than usual dislike of the light, according to Tolkien. When I was a kid, I always used to draw the orcs as green and the uruks as black, but since Peter Jackson made them all brown, you can't tell which ones are orcs and which ones are uruks.
Which ones are uruks? I think that one over there might be. Oh hang on, that's a troll, isn't it? Damn it, you can't tell which are which!
by Andy April 18, 2004
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1.If it's not meant to be ridden, you ride it

2.if it's meant to be ridden, you ride it in a way it's not meant to be ridden

3.find another way to ride something
1.extreme shopping carting=you ride in a shopping cart

2.extreme biking=riding your bike down the side of a mountain, not the street

3.extreme sledding=taping a lawn chair to a sled, and riding it
by Andy June 11, 2004
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a girl with an extremely large ass that sticks out everywhere
damn, look at veronicas ghetto booty, its just..... there!!!!
by Andy November 21, 2003
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A Jedi apprentice, assigned to accompany a Jedi Knight while learning the ways of the Force. Similar to a journeyman in a feudal guild.
Anakin Skywalker became Obi-Wan Kenobi's Padawan learner, even though Obi-Wan had only just become a full Jedi Knight.
by Andy April 18, 2004
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