What the kids in those pictures are trying to grow.
Kids in the pictures: Dude, look at this goatee I grew...shit took me a week to grow. I'm gonna post a pic of it on urbandictionary.

Me: You call that a goatee? Really? I guess you have a little hair on your chin...but really?
by jeffreykittens May 3, 2007
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A particular beard and mustach that is grown for the
pleasure of the few women who know what it is there for.
Sir, you have a very handsome Goatee. May I try a ride on it?

Not until we get to know each other. Dow you like apples?
Yes. Okay, Myplace or your's?
by William Bosworth May 20, 2007
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What douches use to identify their douchebaggery. The safest way there is to make sure no member of the opposite sex whatsoever even thinks about you twice.
Girl #1 - Hey, look at that guy's goatee!
Girl #2 - Oh my god, he's so unfuckable!
Girl #1 - Yeah, what a douche!
by Senhor Aníbal June 16, 2008
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As Mark deep throated Miguel, and Miguel withdrew he commented that Mark had a nice goatee aka prison pussy
by Cramerica Industries January 9, 2007
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Typical brand of a douchebag. They assume that girls automatically want to sleep with them because of it, but really it looks more like glued on pubes. See also soul patch and facial pubes.
Girl1:Hey did you see Graham today? He has a goatee.

Girl2: Ew, he's such a douchebag.
by Just In E February 11, 2010
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Awesome combinations of facial hair on the chin and upper lip
Kelsey "geez tom that goatee is super sexy, maybe you should lather that bad boy up with some paw paw!"
by Goatee September 22, 2014
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The act of dipping your balls into a girls ass. Then following that up with her performing oral sex on you, thereby slapping your dirty poo covered balls into her chin thus creating the image of the young lady having a goatee.
I gave this chick such a goatee last night that she could have passed for a terrorist.
by MaCoBeEt November 17, 2011
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