A slang-language used throughout many parts of the US state California. It was created and became popualrized in the west san fernando valley portion of los angeles.
random 1: hey that guy behind us on the phone just said the words marst and schnar. What does that mean?

random 2: ah, they must not be here. It sounds like they're speaking dow

1: whats that?

2: some langauge a bunch of retards made up
by dancingjew911 December 22, 2019
Anything that is bad that is not a cookie
Yo, Mathieu’s hair is Dow today
by Pinkline February 7, 2019
1. Very good sexy man
2.has good sexy time
3.Very Very Very hot
4.juicy tits
5.produces golden milk
6.dating Hawwy and Big Locho
1. look that sexy Dow
2. they must be a Dow in bed
4. Are your tits like a dow's?
by the_official_Dow September 10, 2019
Short for "Dirty Old Woman." This is the politically correct equivalent to Dom "Dirty Old Man." A Dow is the older woman who preys on younger men
"The cougar" slept with all the twenty-somethings in the house; what a Dow!
by kaitmk April 16, 2009
A Mutation of a dog and a cow, named a Dow. It's bark sounds like the word 'Moof'
Dow Says "Moof!"
by Zenayi July 21, 2003