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Awesome combinations of facial hair on the chin and upper lip
Kelsey "geez tom that goatee is super sexy, maybe you should lather that bad boy up with some paw paw!"
by Goatee September 22, 2014

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A short and discreat way to mean "bong hit." B abbreviates bong.
Hey Issac, Gonz, Masta Lam, and Chris, do you homies want a b-hit? Then pass the B.
by goatee January 14, 2004

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Little sisters who live on poppy street, 1120 to be exact.
Hey Wendi, Sernernt Bernt Kernt.
by goatee January 14, 2004

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A job well done from a gent named ago.
"I got me an ago-job last nite!"
by goatee January 15, 2004

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what you get after having sex with male or female from arkansas.
by goatee July 26, 2003

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