The back side of a girl. It is used for spanking, humping, and twerking. Men find pleasure in the ass. it a great way to attract men.
by Savagegroot March 22, 2017
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When a male has an ass that is I'm the shape and size of a females ass
Babe I want to squeeze that girl ass all night long.
by Boomboomx3 April 4, 2016
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to have a down right big fat bouncy and sometimes nasty ass
"damn that white girl has a black girls ass!"
by kamyar sedegi March 26, 2010
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Most girls that are 5’8+ have a small, poorly shaped ass. Examples: Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz
Did you seen Cameron Diaz’s ass in that new movie? Poor girl has tall girl ass, oh hell naw.
by Bum expert January 19, 2023
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On March the 17th all boys single or Taken should Slap a girls ass. If your taken then Slap your girls ass and see her reaction.
"Hey Jonny its March 17th you know what that means"
"Yes I do Max Slap girls ass day"
by Amber Ross March 16, 2020
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