derives from R kellys infamous pissing video.
To get pissed on by R kelly when you are 14 years old
1. Damn, Im sorry girl #1 i got you in the eye again
by dipizzle February 21, 2005
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I saw this while reading definitions about skinny, and realized no one made a definition about it.

Self explanatory.

Basically the female version of Guy 1.
Girl 1: wow look at that! im in this definition!
Girl 2: cool
by Stupid Af July 24, 2021
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The characteristics are the following:
There are two main objectives of each and every seminary girl.
1.To get married to a nice frum YU boy who preferably spent two years at Shaalavim or KBY.
2. After getting married to one of these men she will want to have tons of babies and to raise them as frum Jews while she will be is a housewife.

In order to obtain these two objectives they must go under a radical transformation during their time in Israel. They begin by accepting everything their teachers tell them uncritically and unquestioning as the word of God. They will then begin to change externally first. They will begin to wear only skirts that cover their knees and blouses that cover their elbows, also their clothing will become much more bland and dull.

Following these changes they will begin to cut ties not only with boys, but also with any girl they knew from before, unless they too are undergoing the same change. This process also includes her very own parents. She will not dissolve this relationship, but she will most likely start criticizing her mother for not covering her hair. At this point she will also delete her facebook account and hunt down all photos that she makes an appearance and have them destroyed as well.
Seminary Girl 1 "Did you see what Chaya Esther was wearing?"
Seminary Girl 2 "Yeah, It was disgusting, her blouse only reached her elbows adn there was a picture of a goyish band on the front"
Seminary Girl 3 "But isn't this Loshon Hara?"
Seminary Girl 1 "No, because we are only doing this for her own good"
Seminary Girl 3 "How is this for her own good?"
Seminary Girl 2 "Well hopefully if enough of us start talking about it, she will become so embarrassed that she will change her ways and become a good frum Seminary Girl."
Seminary Girl 3 "What if that's not exactly whats she wants? What if she wants to go on to an Ivy League school and receive a higher education or what if she wants to be intellectually stimulated by her Torah learning?"
Seminary Girl 1 "That's not what she really wants, for we learned that we can only fulfill our divine mission by having lots of babies and therefore the only way we can be fulfilled is by getting married to a nice frum boy who goes to Yeshiva University"
Seminary Girl 2 "It appears that we might have to do a similar intervention for you!"
Seminary Girl 3 "No please don't, I can change, I can become an ignorant frum Jewish housewife also."
by Institute for Jewish Women December 6, 2010
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A porn video known to easily shock people and get them sick because it's not like anything people would not expect to see.....ever.

The "2 girls" are two lesbian lovers. "1 cup" is when one of the girls actually poops in the cup. The video continues on with the two girls eating the cup of feces and rolling it in their mouth and making out with the feces in their mouth. The video continues with both of the girl sticking fingers down their throats and vomiting on the feces and on each others face. The video ends with feces/puke all over their faces and mouth.

The video is one minute long. They are not recommend for those who are under 18, easily offended, or have a weak stomach because it is known one of the most disgusting videos to spread across the web.

YouTube has numerous of reaction videos on the net and Family Guy also has a moment where Brian Griffin records Stewie Griffin's reaction. The reaction videos can tell you how gross it is. I, myself, watched it because a friend showed it to me. And I was shocked, but didn't feel sick. But I cannot look at chocolate ice cream the same way again. Let's just hope that two men never do that.
Who knew that a one minute video can traumatize me forever. 2 girls 1 cup is the nastiest thing I've ever watched.
by BellatrixR1008 December 8, 2010
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The shit of the internet, which is ironic because the video is about two girls eating shit.
Charlie: "Hey Susan come and watch 2 girls 1 cup with me"

Susan: "Omg my eyes! CHARLIE! WTF??"

Charlie: "I know right? look at the immensity of that shit...even i can't shit like that..amazing!"

Susan: "I think I'm gonna barf"

by PseudoFuck June 3, 2010
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Similar to 2 Girls 1 Cup - but without the girls. Porn for boring people.
Typical viewer of 0 Girls 1 Cup: Oh, baby. The curves of that glass just turn me right on. Make sweet cup-love to me now, and don't look back.
by Your hamster. September 1, 2008
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A disturbing lesbian porno clip in which one girl proceeds to shoot shit out of her ass into a clear cup like ice cream, then the other girl eats it. Not many people venture past this part, but if you dare grab yourself a barf baggy.
That 2 girls 1 cup video would make any parent proud of their daughters.
by Patrick- December 28, 2007
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