The greatest word of all time, simple yet pleasing in its onomatopoeic beauty. For one to commit douchebaggery, he/she is not limited to but may include some or perhaps all of the following behaviors:

- the wearing of flat-billed baseball caps backwards
- using an enormous amount of gel to spike the hair porcupine style
- wearing polo shirts or any other type of shirt with the collar popped, a disgusting gesture that should've died in the 1980s with parachute pants
- the sideways peace sign gesture
- overdone pursing of the lips
- too many visits to the tanning salon
- pointing at oneself, holding up beer cans, or making other obscenely immature gestures in solo or group photos
- following trends for the sake of fitting in (see "goatee")
- adding "The" or the suffix "-ster" to one's name, as in "The Rickster"

See Guido or perhaps frat boy for more. Essentially, "douchebaggery" is one of those things as easily understood by definition as it is by one's demonstrations of it.
At least guys with mullets can cut their hair, but there seems to be no cure for the douchebaggery exhibited by frat boys overcompensating for their small members.
by wheezer04041966 April 13, 2008
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1. The act of behaving like a douchebag.
2. Sensless behaviour
Please refrain from discussing your BMW or IPod any further and end this douchebaggery.
by Senor Pibb August 16, 2004
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The state of being a douchebag - committing acts that define an individual as being a douchebag, such as ripping off friends, screwing your friends over or generally just being a giant douche.
That fucker used to be my bro until he stinkfingered my girlfriend while she was passed out. That's some seriously fucked up repugnant douchebaggery right there.
by Dingleberry Tatas July 10, 2008
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one that wholly encompasses the art of being a douchebag.

one that is so well versed in being a douchebag that he must not have only received formal training from a tenured douchebag, but he is fully qualified to pass on his douchebaggery to those qualified candidates such as the dude with massive crunchy hair product and a rhinestone skull buckle rolling into the club 5 guys deep trying to recruit hot chicks from the line to get in.
douchebag: "yo, check out my mystic, bra" (flexes man boobs one at a time in a rhythmic douchebag dance)

non douchebag: "lose the ed hardy v-neck, find a woven, unbutton no more than two, & kill the sparkle buckle. dude your douchebaggery meter is blowin' up! take it down a notch"
by Fenix Rizing February 16, 2010
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Performing multiple acts (more than two) that would qualify one as a douchebag.
Wow, that was quite a display of douchebaggery last night by Mortimer, wasn't it?
by ak67 January 20, 2009
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Having the characteristics of and/or acting like a total douchbag
The level of douchebaggery here is astonishing.
by OSUBoone February 09, 2011
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