I am Miguel
by MC™ February 24, 2022
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Miguel is a the perfect guy. with good looks, good sense of humour, and are the best at sports. they are literally gods. Do not mess with them because they will not rest until you feel pain. But if you befriend one, they will be ready to die by your side.
Emily: Damn, I can't help but like Miguel.
by Johnathan ross September 29, 2020
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Miguel is a very kind, sweet boy, who will always be by your side even on your worst days. He cares very much for others and has a big heart. Although he may be a baddie he’s one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. He is a great boyfriend for the very lucky girl that he loves and cherishes. He never lets you have a bad day no matter what happened. He compliments you for every little thing even your flaws. Nobody is ever like Miguel. He has great looks and is a very handsome gentleman. He has a great jaw line and eyes that you will fall for. He will treat you like his princess and love of his life. No matter how busy he is he will always make time in his day to spend with you and make sure you are having a wonderful day. He never breaks promises and is very loyal. No matter how tough he looks he is a softie and very shy at times. He blushes very often and very easily just by the thought of someone special. He will give you the most butterflies from his wonderful compliments and loves to boost your self esteem. He will make your heart beat out of your chest because of his kindness and sympathy. Every boy is jealous of Miguel and every girl wishes to have him. He loves skateboarding and hanging out with friends. He may not be the most behaved person but has a very good sense of humor and will always make you smile. One of the best people you will ever meet. Everyone is lucky to have Miguel in their life. <3
Miguel is the sweetest person ive ever met!! I love him!!
by imthesalty1 December 11, 2019
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An amazing person you should never let go. They may seem like jerks, but once you get to know one you'll grow fonder and fonder of them everyday. Once you gain their trust, they would do anything for you. When one loves you, they will never forget you and do everything for you.
Damn, there is no love like Miguel.
by CrazyCheerleader February 18, 2012
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The most amazing person in the world. Very quiet, yet knows when to speak up and let you know his true feelings. When he falls in love he falls hard. The girl who gets the honor of being that person is very lucky. He always knows when you need someone there for you. He will always have your back if you're his true friend. Follows his heart and dreams - making everything he wants possible. Very very good looking. Likes the sweet nectar.

Most of all he makes me feel invincible. I love you Miguel!
I'm not sure, let's ask Miguel.
by T-Flash June 12, 2011
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Has the biggest Cock you will ever see, will face fuck hiss girlfriend so hard till she can’t speak, and will leave You limb from fucking.
Damn have you seen Miguel’s cock
by TaZeD December 5, 2020
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