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Tall, gorgeous, smart and sensitive guy. The most amazing person on Earth. Into dogs, sports and music. Will permanently change the life of anyone that gets to know him. There is no other person as loveable as he is. Once you get to spend some time with him you will no longer be able to forget him. The person who he choses to love is one very lucky girl.
My life was completely dull until I met Miguel, and my days were all clear and sunny again.
by Arcenciel September 22, 2011
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An amazing person you should never let go. They may seem like jerks, but once you get to know one you'll grow fonder and fonder of them everyday. Once you gain their trust, they would do anything for you. When one loves you, they will never forget you and do everything for you.
Damn, there is no love like Miguel.
by CrazyCheerleader February 17, 2012
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A Mexican-American that is a true and dear friend. His unselfishness is what makes his character so great. He could be distant at times but that is only because he feels like he is being ignored by his peers.
Miguel is the type of friend that is not able to go to the strip club with you but would still be willing to give you spending money.
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A jokester who will find the humor in everything and anything; who plays it dumb but very well knows what he wants in life. Loves speed and living life in a fast pace. Although may appear to care only about himself or his friends you'll find that he has your back when you really need it.
"My best friend is that guy that always used to be joking around in class but he always has my back you know what I mean, he is such a Miguel."
by Rosemarius May 09, 2008
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The most amazing person in the world. Very quiet, yet knows when to speak up and let you know his true feelings. When he falls in love he falls hard. The girl who gets the honor of being that person is very lucky. He always knows when you need someone there for you. He will always have your back if you're his true friend. Follows his heart and dreams - making everything he wants possible. Very very good looking. Likes the sweet nectar.

Most of all he makes me feel invincible. I love you Miguel!
I'm not sure, let's ask Miguel.
by T-Flash June 12, 2011
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loving, smart, caring, cute, strong, and goes best with marys, he tends to care about the person he is with at the time and loves to be with people Especially his loved ones
i love miguel:)
by kattiy jane October 19, 2011
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