Derogatory for workers at big box/chain, auto parts retailers that employ low skilled workers. F-ucking L-ocal A-uto P-arts S-tore.
The idiot at the FLAPS gave me the wrong part again.
by hutch1200 September 20, 2011
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affectionate name given to a close friend, particularly used for storing said friend in your mobile phone book.

derived from the fact your heart flaps or flutters when you see you have a message from them.
may be preceded or followed by an X showing extra love or sexual desire
louisa: "whats your new number anny?"
anny: "306771"
louisa: "thanks poppet, ill save it as xxAnnyFlapsxx"
anny: "sweet"
by aflapsX August 14, 2011
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Common term for labia majora, often used to express your sincere affection for a female acquaintance. For a stronger expression of appreciation it is common to add the prefix "piss-"
"hey girl, nice to see you, I'm just gonna get a drink and I'll be back to slam those flaps."

"hey Trixi, I told the rest of the team about your loose flaps and they wanted to check you out"
"hey boys, wassup"
"so, you cool if we all take a turn pounding those piss flaps"
"Hahaha, you can do anyfing you like"
"sweet, that's a good little skank"
by skumliterati March 11, 2015
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Either or complete set of well-used pussy lips
Dude, your sister is dancing at the local strip bar - we can go see her flap for a buck!
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
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generally found on extremly fat people, its a huge sagging boob, or a belly roll or rolls and other things that fit in this description above. when whalelike people walk around, these items apear to (flap), due to air resistance and gravity, much as a birds wings flap or a whale flipper flip and/or flap. sometimes these things all flap/flip at once. this could be called a fat man's disco. amazingly, u get all this action just from walking!
that man just walked across the street, but it looked like he was flipping/flapping/rolling because all the flaps and flips made it look like he was dancing, unintensionally. When he made a turn to the left, all his flaps and rolls made him look as though he had a superpower of turning into tornadoes or spining around while walking straight
by slapapig September 27, 2003
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A half a gram of cocaine, which usualy sells for 30 dollars.
"hey man can get a flap of caine off you?"
by Chris April 14, 2005
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