shaking one's willy in an eccentric and exciting manner. often resulting in hilarious and wet consequences. can be used as a form of foreplay or to attract other people to engage in the mating process, much like a peacock displays her feathers to attract a mate. a male human will often display his willy in an appealing way to gain sexual prowess.
i am going to use my extreme flapping capabilities to attract a mate at the club tonight.
by sfccurtyla November 11, 2013
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alternate word to describe jabbing a nice booty
k-malz: i was flapping that booty at the gyzam
deemo: douchebaggg
enlo: spit roasttt meee k-malzzz
by perthlover321 June 26, 2009
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The act of eating a girl's pussy aggressively- similar to motorboating but down below
Present tense
"What you up to dave mate?"
"nothin' much, just flapping the shit outta my girlfriend"

Past tense
"Alright dave?"
"Yeah mate just flapped the shit outta my girlfriend last night"

Future tense
"whatcha doin' tonight dave?"
"gunna flap the shit outta my girlfriend mate"

The process is remarkably similar to the gif below
by maddogdave May 15, 2016
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hovering around, not really doing much
yo, stop flapping about
by nark November 5, 2006
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Garland reference to unstable internet equipment that is continuously bouncing between an up and down state.
The telephone company's router was flapping so much that nobody could get connected to the internet.
by swanssy September 26, 2008
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The process of constructing a spliff.
Skinning up
Teacher: You seem to be rather busy with something that you don't want anyone else to see. Come on, if it is more interesting than what is on the board you must share it with the class.
Pupil: Chill mate, I'm just flapping and it aint even a king skin.
by Herr Lip November 8, 2007
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during sexual intercourse, the sound two bodies make while knocking boots
that girl was flap flap all over the place.

did you hear about her raw flap flap wetness last night?

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