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syn pure, unadulterated, hard core, serious, no kidding, no shit
that porsche was RAW.
by alpha mu December 19, 1999
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Being raw is like being dope. Something is raw when it's overpowered or just dope asf. People can be raw. Bad kids, teacher's with a dank sense of humor. Situations can also be raw. Such as fucking your ex's new bitch. (I mean we're all human aren't we? Gotta control those manly desires.) Regardless If you raw asl, you raw asl. YFM???
"Zane literally destroyed Max when he pulled out his uno reverse card and hit Max's girlfriend with that plus four, giving her four fetuses. It was raw"
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by MYMANTYRONE January 08, 2020
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An adjective describing something completely hardcore and awesome; anything truly amazing and cool; anything tight in the ultimate way; frequently followed by shit as in "raw shit."
"I got a job. My boss smokes bud, dude! Like we'll have hour-long breaks and he breaks out this bombass nug and I get paid!"
"That's raw"
by K-Soh November 26, 2005
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1. Slang term for any uncut drug, i.e. cocaine and heroin.
2. Sex without a condom.
1. Usually when copping dope, you can yell, "raw" and the boys come runnin'.
2. "Yeah baby, I like it raw..."
by dieselgirl August 08, 2003
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