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540 definitions by tom

When something is either amazing or something is really bad.
eg1- That party was Tesnse!
eg2- jon:im grounded
steve:ohhh thats tense!
by tom April 8, 2005
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finguring a girl
I give her tha daggar on the weekend
by tom June 17, 2004
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A decent sports car for its price... more room then a vette, but if you're buying a sports car, why not get a vette for the same price?

Image of people who drive M3's is quite low amung other drivers, because of their stupid freeway antics and if you can actually afford one, you're better off buying a V8 and tuning it for the price.
I got cut off by that ass hole in the M3 so I floored my SVT cobra and he ate my dust!
by tom March 18, 2005
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a trojan hores made by the fbi that logs the key strokes of a infected computer
dont open your porn spam you might catch it
by tom November 2, 2003
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maine is a place with a beautiful town called biddeford. biddeford is a place where all the drug dealers and drunks live. it a place filled with the wonderful places such as Murk, Miles of old smelly, trashy factories, and big fucken hills everywhere you look.
ef you in the butt-hole biddeford.
by tom February 14, 2005
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Orange and black marshmallows, made by the Fluffy Puff company. They'll scare your dad! And they come in a tidal wave of marshalades! What more could you want?
"They're orange, doot doo, they're black, deet dee, look for the ones with me on the bag, dressed as a vampire!" -Marshie
by tom October 21, 2003
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