to get drunk: usually reffering to irish/white people as there face turns red when there drunk.
yo, those dudes in the bar are so red faced.
by tommy1 April 18, 2007
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1. Person who is extremely embarassed.

2. Person who eats meat in a gratitious manner with the only purpose of angering and upsetting vegetarians.
1. The man is incontinent, of course he's a red face.

2. They had to cancel the PETA rally because a whole load of red faces pulled up and ate about 500 lbs of raw meat right in front of us.
by Kevin Frost April 11, 2004
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To slap a girl in the face with your penis leaving a red mark
"After John finished with Sally, he proceeded to give her a red face."
by Rockzilla May 3, 2005
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When you are taking a shit and have to exert extreme force in order to expel it out of your ass, thus causing more blood to rush to your face.

***Caution, this can break face capillaries.
Dave: "Hey, Unis, we can't go out to the bar tonight."

Unis: "Why is that?"

Dave: "I'm doing a red faced push and some of my capillaries might burst. I don't want my bro to see me like this."

Unis: "Well dear, you know I hear that Loreal matte make up works wonders!"
by titans101 May 8, 2010
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The face every Asian gets after just one beer. A curse and a blessing.
I swear I'm not drunk, it's just the Asian red face!
by youngskrrt July 30, 2014
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when a woman is giving the male a blowjob, he pulls out and proceeds to whip his erect penis across the female's face while singing the theme song from the broadway musical "Oklahoma!".
"I gave that bicth an Oklahoma Red Face last night, holmes! She likes it rough!"
by suki sapperstein November 29, 2007
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Someone from Ireland

Generally used to describe someone from Ireland due to their red skin from the alcohol abuse, and their last name beginning with Mac, Mc, McC
Friend 1: "That man seems pissed up"

Friend 2: "Yeah he's a red face mick"
by Cum_in_my_tum October 9, 2017
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