'literal shit' Something that is complete shit. Could be used to describe a shitty situation or object.
'What the hell, this is not supposed to happen, this is utter shit!'

'I hate SPSS! This program is utter shit!'
by offspringjack January 18, 2012
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When something is beyond being simply crap, rubbish or even shit.
It then becomes Utter Shit, the absolute pinnacle of crappiness.
"Hi there Hywel, what do you think of the new Facebook user interface"

"The NEW Facebook user interface is utter UTTER SHIT. It's aimed at people who use phones and tablets and NOT people who use web browsers which can actually do context based browsing and not the stupid context less browsing that the phones are designed to do. It is SHIT of the brownest and smelliest... despite its stupid teletubby rounded button look."
by Scurlage September 9, 2020
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