a phrase used to indicate that we refuse to defend a claim we've made---in other words, that we refuse to offer reasons that what we've said is true
PERSON-A: "You shouldn't hang out with her anymore."
PERSON-B: "After all she's done to help me? Wouldn't that be pretty mean and selfish of me?"
PERSON-A: "I'm *just saying*, you should quit hanging out with her."
by hauteflash July 03, 2006
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There is an obvious implication of what I just said, but I formally disavow that implication, although I actually believe it.
That might be the wrong tie to wear. Just saying. (Implication: it makes you look ridiculous.)
by Refoyl June 24, 2015
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What is fed into kids minds at school in the early intermediate grades. It really doesn't work much in the fight against drugs, etc
by larstait October 27, 2003
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What people say as a shaming tac tic to a person that makes a valid point while also making it sound like they’re compensating for something
Creator : Being tall doesn’t make you superior

Commenter : If you’re short just say that
by YoungGangster March 22, 2021
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1.Saying no to certain things.
2.Gene Simmons
1. Person 1: You want some H?
Person2: Just say no, Just SAY NO! JUST FUCKIN SAY NO!

2. Person 1: Dude, just say no.
Person 2: Heh. Gene Simmons is off da heezay!
by Steph September 25, 2004
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When saying "Just saying" any where in a sentence, the beginning, end or the middle, it justifies your sentence as redundant, but in your mind you think its concise.
saying Just saying in your sentence is like adding 2 cents in a million dollar conversation.
by Randissimo March 01, 2012
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baiscally a girl masturbating, doing herself, sex with no man
I don't need you to make me feel good I just say me
by sexy chi January 26, 2010
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