to decide at the last moment not to do something you said you would do, because you are afraid
You're not chicken out (chickening out), are you?
by tranlink April 25, 2006
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Yoused in victorious chickening out is when your scared
To do something so you find a plan or you dont try it and be a chicken

Definition :i chickend out of a fight or

Dominic told al he chickend out of a tuff basketball game.
by Swagdogg July 29, 2014
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It is impossible for a person to create something good out of something that is, by its very nature, bad.
(coming out of a movie theater)
Guy 1: That was the worst movie ever, man.
Guy 2: I know! But! Leonardo DiCaprio was the best out of them, though. His acting blew everyone else's right out of the water! Too bad everything else sucked.
Guy 1: Oh, well. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit.
by starofdestiny October 14, 2009
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It's an idiom to describe that you are afraid and do not want to do something because of this. It genarally happen with men when they go to talk with a gorgeous woman.
I took a shine to that girl and I decided to go there to talk, but when I was close to her I chickened out and turn down to go to my home.
I chicken out talking to girls.
by Regina Sã July 21, 2017
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