Where you are likely to end up working if you insist on pursuing a PhD in the following:
1) Applied Islamism
2) Angelology

3) Political Islam
4) Faith in Atheism
I recently saw Dr. Rahim serving customers at Burger King—he used to stay in the same hostel as us, and I think his dissertation was on defending the “good deeds” of jihadists who desire to become martyrs in the shortest time possible.
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by MathPlus December 17, 2017
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A place that pretty much follows McDonalds everywhere, For instance, if you go to a McDonalds, 20 dollars says that Burger King will be a block away
Hey look there's McDonalds, Oh, and Burger King. 2 miles later Hey look there's McDonalds again, Oh, and Burger King..again.
by Hannah pwns your face May 12, 2006
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To suddenly appear in someone's face when they aren't expecting it. Bein all creepy like the Burger King in the Burger King commercial.
I shit my pants in terror when you Burger Kinged me as I came out of the bathroom.
by Jorge Junior March 31, 2010
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the king of all the burgers!
The burger king said to all the burgers "hail all burgers, you will do all that i say, or else you will be sent to a scoogy resteraunt where you will be sentenced to death( by being eaten by living creatures.)
by chris h. November 26, 2003
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