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would you like fries with that?
by BOOGER EATER October 30, 2003
Fast food restuarant u order burgers at. Better than Mcdonald's.
Boy 1: Lets go to Burger King

Boy 2: Yes let's go.

Boy 1: It is better than Mcdonald's.
by Player 2 December 30, 2006
the king of all the burgers!
The burger king said to all the burgers "hail all burgers, you will do all that i say, or else you will be sent to a scoogy resteraunt where you will be sentenced to death( by being eaten by living creatures.)
by chris h. November 26, 2003
when you have a 3 way with a hermaphrodite and a girl you both get to have it your way
hey honey want to try burger king
by darkoathangel February 27, 2020
typical American fast food outlet which has outspread its' greasy claws to every corner of the Earth.

horrible service at every UK store I've been to: employees don't speak English, are unable to use a till and take on average five minutes to get your entire meal to the front counter. and the meat is always burnt.
if you want 100g of fat in a burger, go to McDonald's instead of Burger King
by blue March 30, 2004
I got food poisoning from eating their food.
Fuck Burger King and their poorly cooked shit.
by kid July 22, 2003
A burger place I haven't eaten in for 5 years. Their fries have been remade several times and they still suck. Their burgers suck too aside from a few.
Burger king sucks, their new commercials with a guy in a King outfit is fucking scary.
by Oz April 20, 2005