No, dumb ass!
Labia majora is the technical term for the outer lips that form the slit where the bush hair grows, that has to be shaved.
It's the labia majora that form the pubic mound or so called mons venus.
Otherwise called the camel toe. Know your pussy, dude! Get it right!
by anonymous November 14, 2004
Noun: (Latin)A technical medical term to describe extremely large piss flaps. Women are rarely born with this condition. Rather, it develops over time as a direct consequence of very frequent vaginal sex - e.g. found in women that have sex 6 times a day. No prizes for guessing that prostitutes and porno stars are the largest group suffering this condition. It can be rectified by plastic surgery.
Sarah, it is not natural to be able to tie your piss flaps into a bow. You have labia majora and should see your plastic surgeon right away.
by Ian Grant November 8, 2004
They definitely fuck, they’re a Labia Majora
by ChodeFilA July 9, 2022
They definitely fuck, their a Labia Majora
by ChodeFilA June 25, 2022