A drink that is to be ordered after ordering a large, unhealthy meal. As opposed to regular soda, diet soda contains no calories, sodium, carbs or sugar.
I would like 2 double whoppers with cheese, 3 large fries, onion rings, apple pie and a diet coke because I'm watching my weight
by can you open my milk mommy March 04, 2005
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A new form of the drug that is made for the weight-conscious crackhead.
All the fun of real coke, just without the horrible weight gain.
by bigtones January 13, 2005
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A really, really good beverage, and not only for women on diets.
"Can I have a diet coke?" said the woman who was not even overweight. It just goes to show you that Diet Coke is for everyone!
by zephyr May 01, 2004
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a beverage ordered by women who are ona diet after they order SEVERAL MENU ITEMS
i will have a slice of pie and diet coke
by 69 July 23, 2003
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a) Diet CocaCola
b) Artificial sweetener snorted by dumb diet-crazed blondes.
The coke in the silver can.

What that dumb chick in math has on her nose.
by Macadaciouse May 05, 2004
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What people drink to be "healthy", it is in fact far more unhealthy than regular Coke due to the aspartame contained within which can eat holes in the brain.
"Got any Diet Coke?"
"No, but I've got some drano you can chug."
by Angry Liberal June 01, 2005
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A drink with no nutritional value but apparently some people like how it tastes. Water seems like a much better substitute for diet coke or diet anything for that matter.
Drive-thru attendant: "Would you like a drink with that?"

Dude 1: "How much is a drink - a diet coke?"

Attendant: "It's 1.29."

Dude 2(in car too): "Dude, ask for water and see if they charge."

Dude 1: "Ummm.. how much do you charge for a small cup of water."

Attendant: "It's free."

Dude 2: "Get that, and one for me too. After all, aren't we saving up for our future rides hopefully?"

Dude 1: "Word." *To attendant*: "Water it is then. We'll have the H two O sweetie."

Dude 2: "Good deal man."
by Adel7 September 10, 2007
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