elite force for extreme cool people who are to lazy to surf the net and find cool sites for themselfs
What's your startpage Frank?

Mine is www.flabber.nl
by Liquid September 8, 2003
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A big floppy dick without a tip.
Cassie didn't enjoy Richard's flabber.

Because Richard had a flabber, he could not feel anything while he was having sex, rendering him useless to the human race.
by brett February 23, 2005
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The way your butt cheeks flap about when you fart.
You could never hear Lauren's farts, but when she dropped all that weight her butt flabbered loud.
by cameocady February 20, 2013
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once used to describe a person that is such a noob at something that they should not do it at all.
"jeff was such a flabber at gaia that i kept reporting him and he got banned"
by yurilover September 8, 2008
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Use the flabber word in an example sentence
by Bleh September 8, 2003
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