a person that is cool to hang out with a friend or a buddy who got your back.
tay raw: a u no a guy name matt

tim: oh yea dude cool people .
by tay raw August 25, 2009
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Used to refer to a single friend who's coolness is beyond that of a single person but so great it can be valued at theat of many peoples.
Do you know Bob?
Yea, he's cool people.
by Zealous December 20, 2005
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A person who is not attractive, but is fun to hang out with.
Guy: Hey Jim wants to know if that girl Tina is pretty
Girl: uh, yeah, she's cool people...
by DontPanicCarryATowel April 19, 2017
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Cool people tell you their names. They send selfies to show you their coolness. They can connect pictures and clues.
If you can't do that, you're not a cool people
Mels: Vo you piece of shit, send me a selfie
Vo: No I can't and I'm not actually called Vo, but I won't tell you my real name
Mels: yeah, you're not a cool people at all
by Artemisery April 30, 2018
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wear them or you are a big fat gay person and just wear them
hats are for cool people only
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CPP (Cool People Party) referring to the act of defecating. CPP was founded during group defecation in dorm hall bathrooms. The party refers to a group of people pooping in the same vicinity.
After I had all that Chinese food last night, I had a CPP-Cool People Party in the morning!
by Tenacious_T December 12, 2013
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Cool things poor people can afford or do.
A cheap beer that gets you drunk is poor people cool.
A clothing store that has cool used clothing is poor people cool.
A cheap concert with a crappy band is still a concert, and it's poor people cool.
by Dan Christen May 17, 2005
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