When your dick hangs low, and it wobbles to and fro, so you can tie it in a knot or tie it in a bow.
My girl loves to play with my big floppy, she smacks it around like its a speed bag.
by Jay dov June 03, 2016
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a person who is a total jack ass or just plain asswhole
nate was bein a big floppy donkey doinker yesterday because he got rammed in the ass to hard
by floppy donkey doinker April 26, 2006
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1) The large sexual organ a male donkey has

2) A colloquial term for a gentleman's large phallus

3) A variation upon the British game 'Bogies' wherein members of the class/group have to shout 'Big Floppy Donkey Dick' as loudly as possible without either being caught doing so or getting embarresed in the process. The winner is the person who shouts it the loudest.
Jack: (loudly) BIG FLOPPY DONKEY DICK!!!
Teacher: Get out Jack!!
Dave: Ha ha ha...
by Simon Young March 25, 2008
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Its a phallus. Its most likely large, and quite floppish.
Also, used often do to the manner in which it rolls off the tongue.
I truly desire to be in posession of a big floppy donkey dick. Mines tiny and under-used.
by Big-Floppy-Donkey-Dickless September 30, 2003
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