All the girls in my class are desperate for The Richard.
by Ric.Hard October 14, 2014
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Heart of gold. He is extremely kind and always compassionate. Puts others first before himself, but still manages to have a thoughtful opinion and holds true to his beliefs. The best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. Beautiful eyes, great body, FANTASTIC hair, impeccably dressed. Extremely intelligent. Knows so much about the world and the people around him. Could talk to him for hours about nothing. Very mature for his age. He knows what he wants and how to get it. Someone you will always want to have by your side-- your life will change once you meet him.
Im so in love with Richard Erlandson.
by snaveylime97 July 21, 2017
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Richard; a friend we all need. He is always there when you need him, can put a smile on a face, and brings up laughter with the simplest of ease. He is cautious of the fake things out there but loves a good deal on chicken. And it goes without saying Richard has a big dick.
Did you see Richard this morning?

โ€œYes I did! He can always turn my day around, especially in the bedroom.โ€
by aubergine1987 November 4, 2018
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Richard is someone who is honest and sweet and kind and he sometimes get confused on things but is a good person to hang around. He is very handsome and cares about all people and he is special And richard will help save the world
You are a good Richard
by ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ December 28, 2016
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The act of being slightly retarded. Acting like a Richard.
You just stuck your dick into an man whores dick blender, what are you Richarded?!
by Octavusprime November 11, 2011
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Nothing compares. Ladies drop their panties for you. Mr. Steal yo gurl. One of a kind. Lover and a fighter. Not one to mess with. Compassionate, loyal and loving. Get yourself a Richard.
He must be a Richard.

There is just something about Richard.
by Rich Vicious December 1, 2016
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A common name for a manโ€™s penis.
Is that a phone in your pocket or is Richard happy to see me?
by Ric.Hard October 8, 2014
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