70 definitions by Jaggo

exclamation, Used after something's gone extremely shitto.
Jesus Christ in crotchless panties that fucking hurt! I just sat on a red hot fire poker and slid all the way down!
by Jaggo March 22, 2004
A symtom resulting from handing out ass all day.
Dude, I've gotta rest seeing as how I have a horrible case of ass hands.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
short for ethanol, slang for booze.

Not to be confused with meth.
Dude, I need some eth on account of i got the DT's and I'm seeing little aliens devour my eyeballs.
by Jaggo March 23, 2004
A phrase corrupted by racist shitheaps to mean exactly the opposite of what it says.
Dumfuck1: Dude, lets get benefits based soley on our skin color and call it equal rights!

Dumfuck2: Hell yeah! That's way easier than actually taking responsibility for ourselves!
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
Any fucked up situation, i.e. stigwashed or fuckoed.
Dude, after I missed the aclu building with my freight train, I figured it was pretty much a fuckadillo.
by Jaggo March 22, 2004
A completely fat-assed individual, obese.
Dude, I would never fuck your mom on account of her being a goddamn obe.
by Jaggo March 22, 2004
Ephedrine tablets available in any fine truck stop.

See Yellowjackets or Trucker Speed.
Dude, I used to take mini-thins all the time, and then my heart exploded!
by Jaggo March 22, 2004