The act of a Butthurt moron who feels the need to dob in a person to Facebook for something they find offensive instead of just scrolling on
Oi can you boot Scuba Steve out of the group please he's butthurt and been reporting again.
by #Dshow@HumourMe March 11, 2016
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The "Reporter" (n) A Gordita combo meal from Taco Bell. Just as a firecracker has a report, so too does the Taco Bell Gordita. If you have it for lunch, the report will occur around 3 o'clock. In other words, you will have to pinch a loaf shortly after eating it. The "Report" time varies per person.
Mike enjoyed his "Reporter" at lunch, but regreted it later that afternoon.

James: Yo where's Mike? It's 3 o'clock.
Steve: I heard he had the "Reporter" for lunch. I hope he found a toilet in time.
by Walter Comanche August 29, 2005
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action done to another player after they kill you
he pushed me over! reported1!!!1!
by aaa31337 January 07, 2019
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a term often used in league of legends when a teammate is violated the summoners code. The term is used to signal the offender that they have officially been reported to riots tribunal system and that they will soon after experience a guaranteed permanent suspension of their league of legends account.
0221beno (zed): man i wish i would have played that better, kinda unfortunate there. Welp better luck next time
swagboy (gangplank): reported.
by sokiritas April 19, 2021
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An attractive Asian woman. Comes from the program Family Guy's Asian Reporter Trisha Takanawa.
by TCK82 February 07, 2008
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Being turned in for being a dummie while showing off your 1337 HaX0r) skillz playing games, especially WoW (World Of Warcraft).
Persehphone: Hey you just ninja'd my chest, now I must slap around your sister and blacklist you from my 1337 guild you n00b.

Agosa: I hate you and you are Reported you underwear sniffer.
by Derek Lewis May 20, 2005
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