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Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan, it is located roughly in the middle of the province. It only has approximately 215,000 people which makes it rather small compared to other Canadian cities. However, it is not the capitol city that goes to Regina which is located 2 hours south. Saskatoon is a city divided between east side(middle class) and west side(ghetto). The city is home to the University of Saskatchewan. It is a relatively good place to live i.e. not too small not too big. Temperatures range from -30c to +30c so the weather can be extreme.
If you ever find yourself in Saskatoon be careful of the police they are known to drop people off outside city limits where you might just freeze to death, if it is winter.
by Liquid January 09, 2005

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elite force for extreme cool people who are to lazy to surf the net and find cool sites for themselfs
What's your startpage Frank?

Mine is www.flabber.nl
by Liquid September 08, 2003

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herb cannibus hydro, quality smoking product
He was smoking that fiya when he got busted
by liquid October 02, 2004

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calibre = drum'n'bass god
calibre feat. mc fats - drop it down
by liquid July 20, 2004

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When one become so obsessed with medical websites on the internet that they diagnose themselves with certain illnesses that more often then not they don't have, thus making the situation worse.
My cyberchondriac episode in May left me with thousands in unnecessary medical fees.
by Liquid October 04, 2004

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A fart that comes from a chicks twat
"Yo man u smell that shit?"
"Fuck dude, I think that bitch twarted"
by Liquid April 17, 2003

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What a white person may say to annoy a black person, by mocking the common language of which they use
Black:"Sup man?"
White:"Yo, Kneegah"
Black:"What tha fuck u say cracka?"
Black:"Yo, you trippin man"
by Liquid April 19, 2003

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