What cool people say in place of the word fish. This started as an inside joke and quickly spread as a large movement amongst the coolest people.
Said by a generally cool person "Look, thats one huge fisk."
by John Wang May 7, 2006
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Fisk is the last name of a person that knows what's what. In some countries, like the USA, they are regarded as royalty and should be. When you get 2 or more together, the more the better, then the possibilities are endless. Most are available for parties and bar mitzvahs upon request.
Man, that guy is awesome, he must be a Fisk!
by tag123456789 January 5, 2010
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Fisk- Doing any unspecific action. Fisk is the embodiment of life put into a single syllable. What means what ever you want. The word Fisk may or may not indirectly refer to acts involving narcotics such as marijuana, or the unplanned act of partying, as well as expressing extreme uncertainty or utter confusion
Q: How was school
A: Fisk!

I fisked hard last night

I've been fisking all day

Q: What are you doing?
A: Fisking
by Connor Donahue April 17, 2011
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Verb meaning "to get shit done." Colloquial term to the Western people of New York, used very frequently especially in the case of school work, or being behind on a task.
Chris: Yo, I'm not even finished with that essay for English..
Patrick: Dude, it's due next period
Chris: Shit! I gotta go fisk man! I'll see you later
by Chrisadrian October 21, 2014
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Fisking is a written argument where one person sequentially addresses each point of an of another person's argument.

This is done in a precise manner relying on semantics and ambiguities to infer a defect in the original point. This approach is tantamount to taking a sentence out of context in order to refute an entire argument.

Fisking does not pay heed to the opponent's thesis as a whole, and thus does not disprove the thesis as a whole.
That bastard was Fisking my posts. So I had to create a hydra to Fisk him. I really fisted that Fisking fucker.
by mattyqwerty February 12, 2009
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1. rape
2. a rapist
I loved that anime video -- a short introduction and twenty straight minutes of tentacle fiske.

That creepy guy over there looks like a total fiske.
by Angie S. April 4, 2004
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To "fist" an institution, i.e. to penetrate, whether vaginally or anally, with one's closed, presumably lubricated fist, an organization, establishment, foundation, society, or the like.
by mrchokey August 6, 2017
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