A somewhat rare last name of Scandinavian origin, from the word fisk, meaning fish. Often spelled Fiske.
His name is Gary Fisk
by AFISK April 7, 2009
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when a male sits on the back of his partner reverse Cowboy and slides his cock in and out of her ass cheeks without penetration. This works particularly well with fat chicks. The position is named after hall of fame catcher Carlton Fisk.
She was reading a book while on her stomach, so I figured I'd fisk her for a bit.
by Todd McClure September 25, 2007
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'fisk' is used to describe something small or rat like
" bro, can I buy some weed?
" sorry man I only got a 'fisk' left?
by Lewisdd01 June 12, 2018
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A last name originally spelled Fiske, but since has dropped the ‘e’. Fisk is a name carried with great pride, and those that are referred to by it are known for their intelligence and strong moral character. A Fisk is usually an excellent swimmer, and may battle substance abuse at some point over the course of their life. They are family oriented and can be loud and butt heads a lot when together in a group.
I saw Fisk the other day with her siblings, she swore she was very happy, but they argued all the time.
by Iskfay October 14, 2018
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When a person is discovered to have no values
Dana Loesch was fisked after people watched her last NRA video
by Churchill1965 August 5, 2017
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When your balls are sticking to your leg/ the crevis between your balls and legs
Me: Why are you walking so slow?
Friend: I'm having a fisk
by Lumen#2520 January 8, 2022
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a point-by-point refutation of a blog entry or a news story.

Originally coined by extremist right-wing bloggers in reference to Robert Fisk, a journalist who is the subject of ad hominem attacks.
There was a Fisking of a New York Times editorial in my blog today.
by Nate Hatfield September 6, 2004
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