Ålesund is well known for its smell of fish and krabbeklør. During the fire in 1904 or sometime around there, 60 000 people got homeless. Keiser Wilhelm decided to kill the remaining fisher-women and men, and the city was rebuild with the famous art nouveau, built by the remaining children who suffered under Keiser Wilhelm's terror regime. Now a very beautiful town with 40 000 people living in harmony.
Karru sir?
Steikje bra!
Krabbeklør & fisk
by Steinar Remme September 17, 2006
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The 3rd word in a series of replacement swear words. After FSCK became the ridiculous swear word, this became the new one.
It's named after Sailor Fisk, a ship captain in the game Ragnarok Online.
Scoots: LoRes, let's go kill some pirates!
LoRes: K
Scoots: U"RE ggoing to=love this guy's name... Tltalk to the sailor and have= him teleport = U'rE!1
LoRes: ...Sailor Fisk!? LAWLZORCOPTERS! FSCK that, I'm saying this from now on!
by LoRes July 11, 2008
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To vigorously satisfy one's self with an organic fruit or vegetable.
Last night my ASDA shopping was delivered and my bananas were so organic I just had to go Fisk myself!!

Ugh, No Levi I wont sleep with you! Just go Fisk Yourself!
by knobchops January 25, 2011
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1. The only predominately Black university in the state of Tennessee that is worthy of the name.

2. The home of the world famous Fisk Jubilee Singers.

3. A school where as a freshman you can do work-study as a tenured professor at the pre-penitentiary called Tennessee State

4. The older sibling to every university in Nashville, Tennessee

5. The jewel of the Black Ivy-League

Tennessee State University student: Damn professor, you must have graduated from an amazing university to be such a brilliant lecturer.

Fisk University student: Well actually, I haven't graduated from college yet, I am a freshman at Fisk University, I volunteered to help teach the hopelessly illiterate, and they sent me here.

Tennessee State University student: That explains alot. (gets on floor and grovels.) I am not worthy.
by Blackashell October 3, 2011
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The hottest guy on the ABC show Beautiful People played by Twilights Jackson Rathbone!!!! He is the sexiest character on the show!!!!
Sophie Kerr is in love with Nicholas Fiske Not that fat ass Gideon or the other guy that works with her in the coffee house.
by TeenySabreeny930 June 3, 2009
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A wonderful girl who I found on tik tok. She is better than like itself!
by Fartlover69 November 18, 2020
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