We are in a sexual relationship ,He said to me when I was leaving work I'll see you
He said to me when I was leaving I'll see you
by Nikki85 August 27, 2021
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A phrase used to lament the fallen, meaning that the speaker will see the person in heaven.
RIP man. I'll see you at the crossroads.
by Tossrock July 23, 2006
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When one can't wait for someone to fail and they'll be watching for it with delight. Moreover, one may try to tip the scales, so that they "see you in the fall." It's a double entendre that displays one's readiness for shadenfraude.

It's also a fine sendoff after a paragraph of why someone messed-up, and the dolled consequences they'll receive. After which, one writes the phrase, making them wonder if it was being kind or rubbing it in.
You messed with the wrong guy mister, I'll see you in the fall.
by RaptorShapedCactus September 20, 2020
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"Aii Bro I'll See You" is a term used in the common highschool slang from the years 2018-2019. This term is formally used as a transition word to get out of pickle situations such as Breakups , Abortions , Weddings , Teacher talks , Pep Talks , Dap and leaves , etc.
"Ayo Seth what class you got?"-Tyshawn... "Uh i got music in room 202 (DING late bell noise) Aii Bro I'll See You.. (Daps) Stay up.
by SethyOW February 8, 2019
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the call of B-ville's baddest BMODL: ML, when little poo crackas get caught for pooing up society they hear this call
by g-birdman June 18, 2003
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A reference to Bill Hick's vision/hopes of California breaking off in an earthquake leaving a Arizona to have a bay. Used in a Tool song in the same reference and context
by Paddy313 March 20, 2009
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A term used to tell another person that you will see them again. Most likely in a strange place or somewhere unexpected. Usually used by two guys, while using the term "brother" as a friendly gesture.
In the TV show Lost, Desmond was known for this phrase.
Desmond: "I'll see you in another life brother."
Jack: "Sure man."
Then they see each other again life 100000 times...
Lost Brother Life Meaning Bro Sex I'll See You Again Pick Up A Stick And Throw It Yo mama Strangers
by TheMysteriousStranger June 1, 2012
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