The state of being in which an outcome is both unknown and can not be predicted by any means.
The uncertainty of his behavior leads most people to believe that it's random.
by 3gghead September 10, 2013
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The feeling you have when you are lack of information. You are unsure.

You certainly don't want to make mistakes.

You are tired of making mistakes.

There is no room for mistakes.

You are not a carefree individual.

You do care a lot. It troubles you if you make wrong moves. Just like playing chess, one wrong move can lead to "checkmate" if not being careful. There is no turning back.

So, uncertainty comes into the place.

Uncertainty if it is good for you.
Uncertainty if it is worth the risk.
Uncertainty if it was even right.
Uncertainty if you were wrong the entire time.
Uncertainty if it is playing.
Uncertainty if it is deep enough.
Uncertainty if it is long lasting.
Uncertainty because you see that things are not what it seems.
Because there is always an "end" in friend.
There is "over" in lovers.
And it is full of "if" in life.

What if...
Full of what if..

Don't rush into things that take time to grow.
Because I know..
Good things take time.

Wrote during The Spooky Season in 2021 before November arrived...
by JVeverMind April 19, 2023
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1. States the position and momentum of a particle cannot be simultaneously measured with arbitrarily high precision. This is a crucial concept that is a part of quantum mechanics

2. The modern-day version states to never judge a girl's looks from a distance greater than or equal to 50 feet.
The uncertainty principle seems very straightforward.

Man, I was drunk last night at the party and the uncertainty principle totally slipped my mind. I swore he looked like a girl.
by PVD October 6, 2004
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1. A line in football exactly between the back line and the goalkeeper, usually roughly level with the six-yard-box. Any cross into the Corridor of Uncertainty will cause all sorts of panicky and comedy defending as neither goalie nor defence are sure to come or stay.

2. A line in cricket, when the ball pitches usually on a length, just outside the batsmans off-stump. It is such a good line that it leaves the batsman unsure of whether or not to play a shot, and usually results in either an edge, a play-and-a-miss or some other form of comedy cricket.

3. A dark alleyway.

4. A womans anus. Do you dare venture into the Corridor of Uncertainty?
Ooh, he's put that cross right along the Corridor of Uncertainty and caught the defence in one dilly of a pickle!

Fletcher: "If you keep putting the ball into the Corridor of Uncertainty, you'll get an edge for a wicket eventually."
Harmison: "OK, but what if I just bowl at second slip?"

Paul: "Let's go this way. It's a short cut."
Mike: "No, I can't see down there - it's a Corridor of Uncertainty."

James: "Let's have sex!"
Milly: "We can't, it's my time of the month!"
James: "No worries, I'll just put it in the Corridor of Uncertainty."
Milly: "Ouch!"
by Jamie Douglas January 3, 2007
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That hazy, fuzzy space and time where you wake up next to someone whose name you may or may not know, either or both of you in various states of undress, totally uncertain as to whether, how, or how frequently you may have had sex the night before.
"Tequila... I don't drink tequila! Last time I drank tequila, I woke up inside the 'Cone of Uncertainty' with a dude from my days at Tulane..."
by BGDTootSweet August 27, 2011
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what happens when you are not sure if someone is making, or is trying to make eye contact with you. generally occurs in crowded places over a distance.
is that hot guy way over there smiling at me? i am plagued with eye contact uncertainty.. D:
by Corvis. April 15, 2008
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