1. to get with someone and perfrom sexual activities. -usually when drunk and at parties.
"just get amongst bro"

by Ms. Jonny Mac September 11, 2008
Wow Aidan is such a cool Amongster
by GammaTaoist January 25, 2021
To go to a place i.e a club or pub and mingle with women or men,with the intension of pulling one of them.Or mearly to go into a place an hav a really good time.
Lets go to Yate's and get amongst it
Lets go over to them fit birds an get amongst it
by Darran Green October 6, 2007
It’s the game ‘Among Us’, but it’s so British that it is ‘Amongst Us’ instead
Amongst Us
Literally everyone: Red kinda sus
Red was not the Impostor.
by FishlandicFishy November 28, 2020
A command to participate unreservedly; to make use of something without restraint. Go for it!

Also, 'Get Amongst It' is a very cool song by a vegan band called Vegan Band.
A: Can I try some of your soup?
B: Yea bro, get amongst it!
by Tomoithy May 22, 2008
Used widely throughout the Australian medical student and broader community to express a desire to get involved with or get crazy at an event, particularly Convention. Widely abbreviated to GAI. Can be used in a larger sentence or as a stand alone phrase with the intent of g-ing up an audience.
by Convention Mole January 25, 2011
the more civilized version of among us. An expression for the level of suspicious a fraise is.
Person 1: xd lol, me and ur mom
Person 2: that was amongst us, sussy
by veurine June 7, 2022