Person 1: " How do I become a cool person ?"
Person 2: " Write nice things about other peoples names on Urban Dictionary."
by GTWScarIsAwesome December 05, 2019
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A person who tends to work in an office building. That is if your idea of work includes looking good and writing on msn to the people sitting right next to you work!. Usually employed by nerds to look good and distract people from the computer geeks on the lower floors who do all of the work. A cool persons job title is usually personal secretary (no prizes for guessing why!)
A cool person accidentaly comes across a geek and says 'O my god it is some kind of pygmy!'
by Alex Ellis-Robbins June 27, 2006
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A person who don't go to church who don't believe in God who smokes weed to be cool everybody knows that's the ultimate sign of coolness smoking it is already cool enough
by Lilmaskmf March 08, 2020
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Aka RCP. Someone who has enough confidence in his- or herself in order to not lie, not start shit, not create drama, and not be fake. Someone who realizes that things will happen and life will go on. Someone who won't fake being cool, because they already are, and don't need any friend, famile member, lover, and/or random creepy person to tell them.
L.K. is an awesome girl because she knows who she is and isn't going to take Joe's shit. She is a wicked Real Cool Person. (or: She's a wicked RCP.)
by JMcP September 22, 2007
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