To send the brain stem of a would be assailant down his spine and out of his rectum onto the concrete with a baseball bat.
Wannabe gangster: Gimme all your money or I'll beat you up.

Victim: Umm no.

Wannabe gangster: Yes.

(Out comes the Louisville Slugger) WHAM!!!

Victim: You've been Carlton Fisked.
by Colonel Enguss November 12, 2006
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My favorite person in the whole world ❤️❤️
Who tf is kit Fisk?
She’s my best friend and @..twistedsunkin on tiktok
by Conch.char November 28, 2021
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This is a cool nerd way of saying "Fuck em". But only if you really hate someone enough to slam their head in a car door. A term coined from a scene in Netflix series "Daredevil" where antagonist "Wilson Fisk" did just that after he was utterly embarrassed by his victim in front of his girlfriend. Or you can say it just to be cool! Either way it's a disregard to the subject in question. Try it out next time.

*Alternatively this can also be a subtle way in describing harming someone very badly OR crushing their head in a car door.

Karen: I wonder what those two are up to over there. A drug deal maybe?

Foggy: Fisk em Karen we have better things to do.

*Karen: What do you plan on doing to them?
Murdock: I'm gonna Fisk em.
by cardoorinjury February 15, 2018
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the biggest waste of time on the face of the planet and the bane of many upper class students in schools everywhere.
contains 1000 damn words that you will never use in your life, with the exception of smidgen and booby.
person 1: So did you study for the fiske word power test today?


person 1: No thanks I already had breakfast, and yeah it sucks giant monkey/donkey/koala/beaver TESTICLES!
by fuzzywuzzywasabamfbear March 18, 2010
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Similar to “FIXED”, but commonly found in fantasy football. Very sketchy.
“Bro, I was up.. then, the score just magically changed? Game must have been FISKED.”
by REELiiiiis September 13, 2022
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That one knob of a friend that everyone has that comes in and ruins any situations.
This party was so great, til that drunk asshole made it all about him. Really Fisked the whole thing.
by Stevo20173017 February 11, 2017
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