The act of working efficiently, achieving set goals and being generally productive, while simultaneously looking as cool as a cucumber. See: Australianisms
Where is Jeff tonight?

He can't come, he's getting shit done.
by bigdog14 September 24, 2014
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The day you say no to everything else and complete work planned.
All week I've been interrupted and pulled into meetings. I've scheduled a Get Shit Done Day for Thursday to block all of that out and complete what I need to for upcoming deadlines.
by dmr83457 November 17, 2021
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Useful status message to keep friends away when you seriously need to get shit done. i.e. homework, project, girlfriend. Other version known as: "Disregard Bitches, Get shit Done"
It is almost midnight and Jane still hasn't started her homework. "Man, I need to disregard bitches and get shit done!"
by dkstamberose September 13, 2011
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A day after a really terrible event in which you suddenly have the motivation to do way more than you would normally.
A: I cleaned my whole house after Katie broke up with me.
B: But you never clean anything.
A: Yeah, I was just having a Get Shit Done Day.
by JoeyisStuck April 20, 2018
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