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a monster from greek mythology, sometimes mistaken by some (bizarrely) as some kinda dragon despite the fact it doesn't have wings and has many heads. Definitely not teal in colour.
- its not a dragon its a hydra. HYDRA
by Mtoiaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 01, 2005
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Originally a secret branch of the Nazi party. Acting as a deep science division, and lead by Captain America's nemesis, "The Red Skull," Hydra eventually set out to conquer the world using advanced technologies acquired by harnessing the powers of the cosmic cube, but was thwarted by Captain America.
Hydra grunts: HAIL, HYDRA! HAIL, HYDRA!
The Red Skull: *Smiles*
by kuxsa July 23, 2011
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Nickname of arguably the best World of Warcraft player in the world, playing the priest class he scored every rank 1 title possible in the game since the release of World of Warcraft arena.
1. "Lord Hydra owned me"
2. "I wish I could be as good as Lord Hydra"
by truthteller1337 November 12, 2010
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a type of small freshwater polyp that is found near the surface and reproduces by budding.
At first I thought a hydra was a plant, but then I learned it was yet another creatre in the cnidrian(jellyfish) family.
by Light Joker May 16, 2004
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A mythical creature usually with the likeness of a dragon. Has more than one or two heads.
There's the Hydra!

Bring out your broad sword!


And grab his scrote.
by larstait October 28, 2003
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Hands down the most godly unit in starcraft.
My 200 hyrdas owned a billion firebat, 200 marines, 10 tanks, 49 ghosts, 72 goliaths and none died.
by Adeadlyliquid September 28, 2004
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