Trucker term referring to location. Dervide from the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials ten-code, "10-20", meaning "specify location/my location is ___"
Trucker 1: Hey driver, what's the twenty on that bear?
Trucker 2: 'bout mile marker 48.
Trucker 1: Ten-four driver. 'preciate 'cha.
by grizzled March 6, 2006
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"What's your twenty?" — What can you see?

"I like your twenty." — I like where you're coming from; I like your idea.

Possibly comes from emergency-services slang.
by Christian Kent March 10, 2006
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Someone of the female gender who is extraordinarily cooooool. Also a member of SUD
Dude, Twenty is so extraordinarily cool!
by Smushy Wushy Tushy April 7, 2003
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number of times needed to masterbate before chaffing occurs (without rest or wiping up)
guy1: i broke the big twenty yesterday
guy2:awesome, i respect your dedication
by razledazleazlematazle January 4, 2010
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a complately insane girl with a brother with a beak and large ears (saya emma) and who is extremely cool. generally found in north america
call twenty
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
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a person, reputed to be female, who is kinda twig like, but not 2 the extremes of our asian amigo. she is a statue of jesus in her free time w. her rosarys and things.
by ematoad <-no def for! April 7, 2003
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