The main purpose for internet forums.
The study of discussing the meaning/interpretation of words or groups of words within a certain context; usually in order to win some form of argument.
Now come on, let's not get bogged down in semantics.
by molecule802.11 April 5, 2009
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The study of the meaning of words.

Often misused when quibbling about something someone said. In that context, the statement "That's only semantics" would be more aptly phrased as "You're just 'splitting hairs on word meanings."
Often used within the phrase "That's only semantics":
-- as a blanket repudiation of precise communication.

-- by persons advocating 'subjective feelings' over 'objective description' as a mainstay of communication.

The very concept of semantics is frequently disparaged by wishy-washy passive-aggressives who refuse to be accountable for their careless use of language or their deplorable lack of education.

Skater-boy was too lazy to choose his words carefully, unaware that without semantics, even his street drivel would be incomprehensible.
by wclay1 September 1, 2009
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My understanding of the term "semantics" is that words can be manipulated to influence human thought and action. Mr. George Orwell had a good grasp of the concept, for example "Newspeak". Please look up "semantics" in a dictionary for a more professional definition.
An example of the use of semantics is: "Foetus" as compared to "unborn child".
by Friend of Tell March 6, 2009
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A word used by fuzzy thinkers to defend nonsensical statements.
Riley: "Barack Obama is Irish!"

MacDonagh: "Well, his great-great-grandfather was born in Ireland and emigrated to the US, but Obama himself was not born in Ireland, did not grow up in Ireland and has never lived in Ireland ... Does he have an Irish passport?"

Riley: "That's just semantics. Obama is Irish!"
by MacDonagh December 20, 2018
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An argument, or a type of guarantee that the outcome of your statement can be taken in two or more ways which will benefit you in either way it’s perceived. The *careful* use of semantics can be applied to situations which allow you to be right in any reverse query. You’re basically using their own ignorance against them. See example...
“I put up an ad on craigslist and used your picture.” This could mean the person used a picture that the other party has taken of them, or they used a picture of the other party. The answer has been concealed within semantics and incomplete phrasing.
by Seanus Unaes February 25, 2018
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A number that just increases every time someone does something, because doing things properly is hard.
Ive just made a code change. I expect semantic versioning to automatically increment, because bumping a version up (0.0.1 -> 0.0.2) by 1 is hard.
by encryptedBarryCodes April 20, 2023
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When your male partner gets all romantic with his semen.
It's so semantic when my boyfriend gives me a pearl necklace.
by geneyes May 23, 2009
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