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Damn did he just swoop all the kik thots from the gc?
Yeah bro thats fermi
by zeusieus March 16, 2017
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Fermi was a creep who kept adding people as friends in a particular Facebook group. He would then debate them when they wouldn't accept; 98% of them being women. And he'd reply to people asking for an add (again, mostly women) and debate their no. He thought himself very logical.

He also tagged people a lot, much to their annoyance. Then he tagged a group of us, including admins like in reply to someone on a post about necrophilia. He wanted us to mock and troll the person. But instead we joked, including the person who made the original comment, and that subthread got 1.4k replies.

Fermi was an ultimate creep, a very logical debating creep, who was only with us for a short time but he quickly became a legend. He became a meme, and we use him as a verb. There are also memes about him. He is now called a PokΓ©mon.
He's a creep, just like Fermi
by conl178 May 09, 2018
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