When a species(Dodo Bird) or entity(Rangers FC) ceases to exist, dies, is bereft of life, kicks the bucket, comes to an end.

An entity can become extinct due to an over-reliance on cheating to succeed and when that ability is taken away, it dies out, making the world a better place. Extinction is a natural and necessary occurrence that occurs to restore order and decency in the world.
Rangers FC became an extinct football club in 2012 due to an over reliance on cheating to succeed. Once the ability to cheat was taken away by HMRC the entity ceased to exist. A brand new club tried to take its place by cheating but it is expected to die fairly soon too.

The Dodo Bird is an extinct species.

Rangers FC and the Dodo bird are both extinct, have passed on, have ceased to exist, are bereft of life. The new club that is trying to take Rangers place has the same amount of trophies as the Dodo bird. The new club hope that someday they will be able to cheat their way to their first trophy and thus over take the Dodo bird in the honours list.
by HMRC June 15, 2012
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Adj. No longer existing or living.
The dodo is a species which is now extinct.
by Death to Trees January 7, 2004
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Some word that a teacher makes up, thinking that her students won't ever notice.
The gladiators imported many animals to fight against. Many of these animals were extincted.
by Ztarknesor March 3, 2010
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Gone. Wasted. Trashed. That feeling you get when you know you won't remember anything.
I'm going to be extinct after tonight and that's what I call a good night."
by TheStuffYouLearnInCollege April 17, 2011
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verb: to make extinct.
The Chinese River Dolphin is extinct.
We extincted the Chinese River Dolphin.
We have completed the process of extincting the Chinese River Dolphin.
by yucatan April 17, 2008
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The root of all contemporary mental, physical, and spiritual diseases. Extinction Illness, the essential cellular knowledge and terror that one’s life, one’s people’s lives, all life is threatened, that lineage is disappearing, that we, all, may well become extinct within a very short period of time, that the future will be eradicated.

Our bodies, minds, souls are reeling with the terrible reality of what we have done, are doing, consciously and unconsciously. Extinction is our fault. The unconscious knows. The soul knows. The connected life system knows even if the individual isn’t consciously aware. He/she/they were born into the network of all life and Life knows too. As Ubuntu teaches, “I am because you are,” which now we must rephrase: I will not be because you will not be. I will not be if you will not be.

Extinction Illness. A world condition and a world affliction. Perhaps this systemic affliction is at the root of all our current global plagues, diseases, and illnesses.
There is pharmaceutical for Extinction Illness, and none for Extinction. Extinction Illness tells us that we cannot survive alone as the life force and life cycles depend absolutely on diversity and the abundance of all the life forms. We have to save everyone’s life, human and non-human.
by Bah Zah January 8, 2020
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